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released November 18, 2014

Jake Harding: Vocals
George Pan: Lead guitar
Frederic Caure: Bass guitar
Kostas Panagiotou: Organ and keyboards
Paul Westwood: Drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Greg Chandler at Priory Recording Studio.

Cover picture "Yosemite" by Frederic Caure.




Landskap London, UK

Heavy Rock from London!

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Track Name: Leave It All Behind
You've been thinking of the past
One eye forever looking back
Your roots will keep you safe and sound
But they will pin you to the ground

The crows are watching from that tree
They say that you will never leave
But you will never hear them speak
Trapped in the prison of your dreams

Yeah try to move on
You could be wrong
We have the words
But not the song

Yeah try to push on
And you can see
We have the want
But not the need

All that you know, all you believe
And all the things that you perceive
Well you can only take control
If you learn to let it go

Well now you’ve learned to change your mind
Old skin to shed and leave behind
Push on to navigate the dawn
Those legs were made for moving on

Don’t tie your spirit down
From all that you can be
Those traces of ambition
Are a prison of your dreams

Troubles find you there
And your legs can bear the weight
But you don’t have to carry
What your arms can throw away

All that you know, all you believe
And all those things that you perceive
Well you can only take control
If you learn to let it go

You might win and you might lose
But how you play you're free to choose
And if your life comes crashing down
At least You'll know it made a sound

Try to free yourself again
Broken bridges you can mend
Some things you lost you will find
And the rest you leave behind

You can leave it all behind...
Track Name: South Of No North
So many watchers in the room
Changing faces never see what’s new
There’s a bad moon rising overhead
That grey sky slowly moving in

Get yourself back in that hole
Make your bed down in the cold
That bad moon rising up again
Grey clouds slip beneath your skin

We make our trouble over time
Whichever circle fits the crime

Does the boil of the river set you free?
Just take the heat or you’ll never see

That looming question on the tongue
If you’re to give it voice how will you get it done
Hide away from all the sin
But if you close the door you never get back in
Track Name: Through The Ash
Those voices whisper on through the ash, and fall into the earth
And traces you find you can only guess, to the lies you’ve heard
There’s so much talking in this town
But it’s all twisted mouths trying to drag you down

Well there is nothing you can truly know
Hold on to your favourite deception
Closed eyes in the temple of lies
It’s the impact and not just the size

So many faces preaching truth, but nothing you can learn
And now the speakers come your way, looking for books to burn
Forked tongue and a crooked soul
The deceivers want to sell you all they know

Well there is nothing you can truly see
Hold on to your favourite deception
Closed eyes in the temple of lies
It’s the impact and not just the size

Well you can listen to what they say
But you know they’re only words
Yeah you can take it day by day
While you get ready for the worst

Well the preacher’s lost, but he keeps on preaching
And we can’t make him stop, because no one can reach him
Misinformation rules the flock, yeah you can hear them bleating
Too numb to read the clock, and see that time is fleeting
Track Name: Tomorrow's Ghost
The wandering, the road ahead
The sisters weave, a single thread
Worlds apart, always close
Welcoming tomorrows ghost

I was hardly looking
But I’ll tell you what I’ve seen
I can talk of it for days
But I can’t tell you what it means

Another friend, you’ve never met
Time won’t forgive, but he forgets
And on he waits, with open arms
So take your time, and play your part

You accept that you know nothing
Then the world will show you things
Sometimes you just make out the words
But not the melody it sings

You have to know your limits
If you step into the sun
Well you’ll never be forgiven
If you turn from everyone

So just keep on moving mountains
But we’re running out of land
You can always turn the tide
But you can’t stop it with your hands

Yeah you gotta know your limits
When you’re walking on the sun
You’re never going to find forgiveness
If all you do is run

The wandering, the road behind
The sisters draw, a single line
And on he waits, with heavy heart
So use your time, and play your part

Try to run, and try to hide, put the world on hold while you crawl inside
Moving mountains, shifting seas, travel as far as you think you need
Yeah yeah well if you make it to the sun somehow
Yeah yeah just remember it’s a long way down