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Nerve Salad
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Nerve Salad Got my hands dirty and dug a huge hole in the digital doom backyard. I unearthed these guys, and threw the shovel down. I shall now call this a treasure. Organ-heavy, psych/doom-tastic, retro-y gems of songs, glistening with dark grooves. Psych Rock Triumphant.
The Goon
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The Goon A nameless fool never needs to live down his foolishness because no one knows who he is. If you're high and listening to this album as you read that, it's going to blow your mind.
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Bucky "The guitars ascend throughout the precarious lyrical storyline, like Beauty awaiting the Beast while shackled to the bedpost." Here is my full review: ripplemusic.blogspot.com/2014/07/landskap-i-lp.html Favorite track: A Nameless Fool.
Joecriv thumbnail
Joecriv Amazing jammy psychedelic rock from London. Comes with the full force of classic bands like King Crimson and Hawkwind. Highly recommended! Favorite track: A Nameless Fool.
Soshanna thumbnail
Soshanna Heavy Psych group out of London. Beautifully written enduring compositions loaded with soaring guitar solos. I am really loving this album, thanks Beau! Favorite track: To Harvest The Storm.
AJ thumbnail
AJ “To Harvest The Storm” has a impressive tension build-up. While the bassplayer is laying down some hypnotizing riffs, guitars and drums slowly join in and you know the storm is coming. When the storm arrives you as a listener are standing in the eye of a hurricane and with your eyes closed you can hear the instrumentalization, especially the amazing guitar work tear everything apart. Favorite track: To Harvest The Storm.
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released January 16, 2014

Jake Harding: Vocals
George Pan: Lead guitars
Frederic Caure: Bass and rhythm guitars
Kostas Panagiotou: Organ and keyboards
Paul Westwood: Drums

Recorded at Priory Studios by Greg Chandler in October 2013.
Additional recordings, mixing and mastering at Verulam Studio by Frederic Caure between October 2013 and January 2014.
Cover picture "Ytresand" by Sophie Caure.




Landskap London, UK

Heavy Rock from London!

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Track Name: A Nameless Fool
The things you crave they draw you near,
Desires reason remains unclear
But still you crawl on weathered hands,
Dragging down your fellow man
A poisoned heart to gain the prize,
The cold embrace of our slow demise
So carry on you nameless fool,
The hole you dig it waits for you

But still you crawl on weathered hands,
Dragging down your fellow man
So carry on you nameless fool,
The hole you dig it waits for you

Searching for something more, no joy from an empty crown
You can travel every road but they'll always lead you down

And all those things you hold, they keep you occupied
Possessions weigh us down until the day we die

So cast your weary gaze upon the setting sun
And let that fading light reveal what you become

The things that matter most at times will be unclear
Take note of who you are, instead of what you fear
Track Name: Fallen So Far
You've fallen so far, but do you even know it?
Crooked soul with a shallow heart, but that smile will never show it.

You can fall forever more, forget just what you're looking for,
Speak the words that you forgot to say, a belief in better days.

Shadows play across the sky, gnashing teeth that feed you lies,
Never trust another soul, we don't know what we think we know.

Because you're just another man, and we never truly understand,
The meaning of our rights and wrong, still we play the same old song.

All those mistakes that you made within your life, linger in your mind but can you make it right.

And you can say just what you want, shift the blame or take that fall.

Just another child of a forgotten time, are you a guiding light or will you wait in line?

And you can do just what you can, it's nothing new you're just a man.